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my spring essentials

By Anna Katina


Hello my friends! I hope you’re doing great! Since I promised to present you my favourite accessories, I decided to do this here on the blog! For me, this Spring is all about colour and layering games! I’m just back from the Belgian coast where I have spent the Easter weekend, you know how much I love this place! As a little reminder, here an article dedicated to the North Sea! Of course I used the opportunity to take some phots for the blog, so are you ready? Let’s go!



Let’s start with a fashion brand. The funky Tee I am wearing below is from the German brand OUI. I love decent fashion and cute details so when I saw this top in their Summer lookbook I could not resist. Fiesta sleeves and fruits, the perfect top for the next beach party! It is not available online yet but it will be in the coming weeks so stay tuned! I will announce the arrival on Instagram!





Ok now to the part I’ve been mostly asked about, my rings!

I love rings. I cannot leave the house without my ring party. And I’m definitely a gold person, I don’t wear silver at all as you can see, I can’t tell you why! Gold must be my favourite metal I guess. The dad ring – it’s my favourite ring of the moment and it is from Maria Back! The ring exists as mum, girl and boy as well. I’ll probably buy the mum ring because I feel the jealousy at home.. xD. The compass ring from Thomas Sabo is another crush, I use to wear the compass and dad ring on the same finger. My friends don’t like this combo but I love it! The other rings are not available anymore, some are from Poiray, some are vintage. I am linking the rings I mentioned first below!




Just as with the rings, I love the layering game on the wrist so much! I have a collection of LeJu wristbands but I also own many other bracelets from small labels I discover while traveling. Oh and yep my personal moment for the Juste Un Clou has arrived and I’m very happy with this little treasure… 😉 Linking the collections I wear below for you as well!





Last but not least…my last loop addiction is the ear party! In fact, my ear has been pierced six times xD! Five rings are from One More Tattoo (Luxembourg City), actually I never replace these. The loop in the photo is from Monarc, a lovely jewellery label based in London, I just ordered a small cross to replace one of my piercings above, I love their items! As you can see, I’m not fine with one earring or one bracelet, I need an entire army of loops on me xD




What is Summer without playful nails? Have you noticed how perfectly my nails and tee are matching??? 😀 My new beauty spot Francoise Urban Beauty Retreat is located at City Concorde, a shopping mall in Strassen. As I could not decide which color I should go for, I asked Rina, the nail queen of the salon to pick a different color for each nail and the result is pretty amazing, isn’t it? 😀 It’s a semi-permanent laying so I’m good for a month with these! A month ago I tried a Maria Galland treatment for the face here as well and the results were amazing, my forehead wrinkle disappeared since then, not lying !! I really recommend this beautiful salon, it doesn’t only look beautiful, but the products and treatments available here are the most natural I’ve ver ever seen. Also, for their makeup bar they use Jane Iredale products only which is simply fantastic. So ladies, this place is a must-go to prepare for Summer!



Now you know everything about my Spring 2019 essentials and addresses, I hope I could inspire you! The NYC blog will follow this week !! If you have other questions, just ask! 🙂 xx Anna



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Apps of my life

By Anna Katina

Hello my friends! First of all, thanks a lot for the feedback regarding my car:). For those who haven’t read the news, you can read it here. Today, I am sharing with you my favourite apps I use on my iphone. Since I received the new iPhone XS Max, I decided to organise my phone with more creative apps for my digital content as well install additional, useful tools for my everyday life and work. I will not talk about the phone, photo and mail app as it is obvious that they’re essential! Most of the apps are free but I usually upgrade to experience full services. Each of them is linked so you can find it and its integrated purchases easily in one click. 🙂 PS: At the end of this article, a little giveaway is waiting for you…enjoy!


I only use Instagram and Facebook as social media. From time to time I post on Snapchat and Pinterest but they are not my favourite apps. So let’s say a few words about these two platforms I use in my everyday-life, for personal and professional purposes.


Instagram is the app I use the most. I love to work on my feed (I’m a perfectionist), I love sharing photos on Instagram and receive feedback, I try to inspire others and give them ideas about what to wear, where to travel and how to take nice photos. I share a lot of my everyday life in my Insta Stories, not only for my followers but also for myself as I can do some tracking when scrolling back in time. For example, I made an Insta Story of my first week of figure iceskating and I will track my evolution by watching my own previous Insta Stories. I love to interact with my community, ask for advice, share tips and products I use etc. Instagram is a great tool for inspiration. I discover many interesting artists and bloggers thanks to this app but also destinations, coffee shops, hotels, fashion brands etc. Also, I run Instagram pages for several clients so you can imagine how much time I spend on this social media platform.


I run a few Facebook Pages as well so it’s very useful to have this app as I can do everything on my iPhone instead of working on the laptop. Also, I receive many private message on this app and I’ve realised that it’s useful for my community to have direct links on Facebook when I publish a new blogpost.

Messaging Apps

Messenger by Facebook and Whatsapp are two apps I use for private and business conversations. To be honest, I’d prefer to communicate with the normal iPhone Messenger only but somehow people love WhatsApp and I need to be reachable for friends, family & clients so obviously all these channels are needed.


Now to the apps I use to create digital content shared on social media. They include apps to edit photos, to create creative insta stories, flyers, banners etc.


I edit my Instagram photos with VSCO. I love the filters, I don’t always use the same ones but my favourite filters are A4, C5, C6, M5, HB2. The photo below was edited with the C6 filter. PS: Little hint about my next blogpost because better late than never – my trip to Japan!



Snapseed is another photo editing app. I use it to work on the colours of an edited photo (saturation etc). In fact, ‘selective’ is the only tool I use on this app but they have other intresting tools like the ‘expand’ tool ! Did you ever wish you could add more space around your subject after the photo has been taken for Instagram? You can do this with Snapseed by using ‘expand’!


Lightroom by Adobe is the compact form of the desktop version. I use it for selective colour correction as well but in future I will install new presets to the app that I’ve created on Photoshop!

8 MM

My favourite app for videos! It adds a vintage, grainy ambiance to your videos! The video below was filmed with this app, I love the effect, don’t you?


I use Afterlight to add some dust to my photos but you might like their filters and editing tools which are good but as I’m used to VSCO already, I don’t need additional apps for editing.


Instasize is another photo app which I use to add frames to Instagram posts. For the Belle Etoile profile that I manage, I use frames because the feed is a mix of phots I take in the shopping centre, in my studio plus inspiration photos of the stores represented by the shopping mall. As there are different styles of photos, the frames separate these which creates a coherence although the posts are different one from another. I don’t know if it’s clear what I say? 😛

freelance social media manager best apps iphone


An amazing tool to create logos and flyers! I love the variety of fonts, graphics and templates it’s offering!


Nomo is a mobile polaroid! Yes, it’s even written: shake the phone after taking the photo! xD. The effect is not bad, when I first saw photos on Instagram taken or edited with this app, I thought they were scans from real polaroids!


The app for creative instastories! I purchased most collections because I love creating creative Insta Stories and the Unfold frames enable a moodboard style that I really like.


best apps social media manager content creator blogger


Google analytics gives you access to all of your web and app data from your mobile device. You can monitor recent changes with real time reports, share these reports with anyone. You can see how many visits your blog had over a specific period, identify the traffic sources etc.


Notes is a basic default app on iPhone. I write down anything which comes to my mind before copying the most important things into my notebook afterwards. In fact, I prefer writing down everything in my planner manually (a dedicated blogpost about my planner is coming), but sometimes when I don’t have my planner close, Notes saves me. Save for the calendar app, a few things are marked in my calendar app but my planner is my number one in terms of organisation.


Sketches is a funny app to sketch (nooo really? xD) Indeed, when I have an idea in mind about a logo, a hand-lettering game for a photo. Most of the time, I use this app on my iPad with Apple Pencil because it feels more natural to sketch with a pen than with a finger, also it’s better for precision!


Thanks to Unum, you can prepare your Instagram feed in advance. When in doubt I open Unum and add the photos I want to post to see if they will match my feed. It’s definitely an app for perfectionists. 😛


Create digital moodboards with this app (by Wetransfer). I create boards for a topic, for example, “spring shades”. Here I will paste links, screenshots, quotes, anything related to this topic. Sometimes I find a nice blogpost but I don’t have time to read it so I paste the link in a board where I collect inspiring blogposts.



The app all the ladies ask about on Instagram. It’s an app for those who use natural cosmetics. My twin Xenia who is a beauty freak shared this app with me. Before using a product I recevied as a PR sample or before purchasing products, I scan the ingrdient list in Clean Beauty and it shows me if there are toxic ingredients and how many.


Blogger best apps fashion beauty social media manager freelance iphone

Now I have a little giveaway for you! Useful apps are one thing, but a protected phone is another! My screen was a mess over an entire year after falling on the floor several time! I will not let this happen to my new one so I looked for nice cases and found GoCase! I liked their products so much so I wrote them a mail. And today, In collaboration with them, I am giving away these two beautiful iPhone XS Max cases! The giveaway is open for Europe and I will pick the two lucky winners on Wednesday evening! All you have to do is to comment below which case you would like to get 🙂 The vintage cameras or the feathers! By the way, the case I am currently using is the Astrology!

I hope this article was useful to you! Please let me know below if it was! Also, if you have other apps to share with me, go ahead!Kisses and talk to you soon!




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She got her first car

By Anna Katina

fiat 500 autopolis 14.JPG

Hello my friends! The time has come… I talked a lot about it on Instagram, I asked your opinions, I made you guess the colour.. and today, the waiting is over.. today, ANNA GOT HER FIRST CAR. Some of you may know that it took me some time to get the driving license and I need to say, I love taking the bus and train. and taxi (sometimes :P). Driving is not a big passion of mine but you know, it’s part of adulting to get a car one day. And with all my stuff I need to carry in my everyday life – camera, laptop, bag, grocery shopping etc, it may be useful to have a car, even when my family has always been very supportive!! Also, it might be nice for work. Let’s see! 🙂 Anyway.

I have a car.


Of course there was only one option for me – the Fiat 500. It’s me, just as a car! Small, funny, cute? 😛 So where can you get a Fiat in Luxembourg? At Autopolis. I’m very happy with the car dealership, a very kind and supportive team, thank you Autopolis for the assistance!

Today, when I arrived in Bertrange, I first took a coffee at the Fiat café, because I mean – how cool is that? For example, when you have an appointment but the person you are meeting is a bit late, you get a free drink voucher so that you can relax a few minutes in the café. Very nice, it’s the little things you know:).



And then for the first time, I saw that coral beauty! awawawawawaw

About the color of the year

Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 17.20.31.png

Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 16.49.18.png

Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 17.20.45.png


A few weeks after ordering my car, my twin Xenia called me and said: do you know that the color of your car is the official color of the year? Check the Pantone Instagram! Whaat?? This is awesome!! The choice of the colour was purely my own but when I heard that I was kind of proud haha because my car is trendy too !! 😀 You have to check out Pantone’s Instagram to discover daily inspirations based on this colour, living coral, so beautiful I cannot tell you why I went for coral. My first ideas were mint and mustard but in the end, coral stole my heart. It’s a kind of red but a very soft one, with a mini touch of pink and orange inside? Hard to describe. Also, the shade depends on the weather! Wikipedia says:

“ Coral is a reddish or pinkish shade of orange. The colour is named after the sea animal also called corals ”.

fiat 500 autopolis 8.JPGfiat 500 autopolis 13.JPG

If you are from Luxembourg and you want to buy a Fiat as well, do a configuration online and if you’re a girl, do it with someone who has more experience! I would be totally lost without the help of Autopolis and the men in my family. I did not want a cabriolet, just a classic little Fiat 500. 🙂


fiat 500 autopolis 17.JPGfiat 500 autopolis 5.JPG


I like the vintage style of the car and the minimalistic bright design inside. I also love the chassis reminder inside! These are my very first impressions, now I need to practice, get to know the little car and during the coming weeks or months (depends on how often I will take the car from now on), I will share my experience with you on Instagram!

fiat 500 autopolis 9.JPG

fiat 500 autopolis 1.JPG

fiat 500 autopolis 2.JPG

fiat 500 autopolis 11.JPG

Anyone here who is familiar with the model? If you have tips or a good advice, please share below! Also, if you have any questions about my configuration or whatever, just comment below as well and I will answer publicly so that everyone can get the answer at the same time. Kisses, Anna



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Cuba 2018

By Anna Katina


Peeeeeps! Hello! It’s Sunday, December 30th and I promised you to publish my trip to Cuba before 2019, so I will keep my promise!! 😀 Where should I start… Cuba was an amazing experience this Summer. I travelled a lot this year but did not publish any travel posts… Shame on me. And my external hard drive broke so I cannot publish Croatia, Tokyo, the Belgian Coast, Monaco, Roma, London 2018 anymore… But it’s a good lesson – next time, I will publish everything as soon as I’m home. but I could save the photos from Cuba right before my hard drive touched the ground. So let’s go!



We started our journey in Havana. Havana has very impressive buildings! There is a big contrast between the great old buildings, colorful cars and real life. But it’s beautiful how the old times have been conserved through time. It reminds me of Venezia, where you have the feeling that time has stopped. I loved being able to do street photography here. What I could observe is that the citizens here don’t throw anything away. The big difference to us, we are used to throw away anything which can be replaced easily. We don’t have time to fix things, instead we prefer to replace them. And this my friends, is sad. In Havana, people fix things. You can see below, they fix their chairs outside, beds, because a chair is still useful and enjoyable even with a little plaster. Think about it.

So I will let you scroll down a bit, enjoy the impressions. 🙂

Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 22.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 32.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 26.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 25.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 24.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 31.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 33.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 34.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 36.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 37.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 39.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 40.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 41.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 42.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 43.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 45.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 46.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 47.JPG

I loved walking through the streets and taking photos of everything – people, buldings, dogs, benches,… The colours of Havana are so inspiring!


° comfiest sandals from Kauf Dich Glücklich

Havana is touristic but its citizens prefer to live in their old, broken houses than moving outside the city where they are placed in apartment blocks. Also, three generations of families often live in one space and the largest, nicest rooms are often rented out to the tourists! Some of my friends said, they stayed in local houses, we went for a hotel (Hotel Parque Central Havana), located at the intersection of Prado and Neptuno and in front of a vintage car taxi station, awesome for pictures. Yes, you should take a ride with a vintage car but wear a cap or hat and put some suncream on your back and neck!!

Why does Cuba have all these colourful old cars?

“Of all the things that have shaped modern Cuba, arguably the biggest isn’t Fidel Castro, but rather America’s answer to him.

Following the revolution in 1959, which saw Castro assume power, Cuba began to trade sugar for oil with the Soviet Union. The US, which had imported around 3.5 million tonnes of Cuban sugar every year, and which was deep in the throes of the Cold War, wasn’t too keen on this development. So it was that on this day in 1960, Washington imposed a trade embargo which has effectively sealed off the island nation from the rest of the world ever since. President Eisenhower first banned American companies from exporting anything except food and medicine to Cuba, and also placed any foreign ship that traded with the country on a blacklist”. – Carkeys


° total The Place look

Havana is the city of rum. You will taste a lot of mojitos here! They’re different from European mojitos – here, people don’t add lemon and crushed ice. Instead you get the cocktail with ice cubes and a few mint leaves. Still very good. Don’t eat (raw) fish in Cuba, we had a sick bird on board during three days;). For the rest, no problem with food or drinks, even with ice. PS. I let you discover the Bacardi logo in the city… 😀 We saw beautiful churches in the centrum. Our guide said: in Cuba we don’t believe in a religion, we believe in a God. Interesting thought!


If you don’t have plans for the evening, you have to see the Tropicana cabaret show! I loved it!! Beautiful costumes and dancers, also the singers do live performances, not playback! You get a bottle of rum and a cigar for free with your ticket!

B9DDEC6F-B2D2-4111-94B8-4C1FF65F398D 2.JPG


Rainbow streets…

Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 52.JPG

The photo of the butcher below is my favorite. I printed it and it is hanging in a frame. I don’t know – the way that butcher looked at me in his environment fascinates me. It’s very hot outside and tropical, put on comfy shoes or sandals, shorts and a tee, you won’t need more!

Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 100.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 1.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 2.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 3.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 21.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 98.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 101.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 102.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 103.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 104.JPG

Cuba has what is known as a planned economy, most people working are actually employed by the government. As the salary is too low, people do other things beside often linked to the black market. So you could see people selling things on the street and you knew, it may be their second, non official job.

Viñales Valley

We made a day trip to discover nature around Havana. Viñales Valley is a very impressive region with green hills that make you want to get lost inside. Our guide brought us to a tobacco farm where we got a little demonstration of how cigars are made. Indeed, Tobacco and other crops are cultivated on the bottom of the valley, mostly by traditional agriculture techniques. We visited small villages around and ended our excursion with the Mural of Prehistory located in the valley of Dos Hermanas you can see in the photos. It is painted on a stone of one of the elevations and shows the evolution of life in a natural sense of Cuba. The artist’s name is Leovigildo González Morillo. For me, a nice stop but not mandatory.

Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 14.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 16.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 4.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 5.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 6.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 7.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 8.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 9.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 10.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 11.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 12.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 13.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 15.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 17.JPG

° Festival T-shirt from Lee


The food in Cuba was good but “boring” which did not bother me but I was curious why every village and city had the same menu. “There was nothing wrong with the food, and it was plentiful for tourists, but it was generally quite plain and unimaginative. Meals are typically a choice of pork, chicken, lobster or fish with rice and beans. There are always plantains in some form—often as chips.” I’ve read an interesting article about this topic which you can read here.


We made another stop in Cienfuegos, a cute little village our guide recommended us to spend the night at. To be honest, a short stay would be totally enough so I don’t recommend you to stay for the night but to continue toward Trinidad the same day! You can walk along the sea and visit Valle’s palace for example!



Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 71.JPG


“ Twelve kilometers northwest of Trinidad, the Manaca-Iznaga Tower continues to watch over the Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) as it did over 180 years. The tower was built in 1816, when Cuban architecture was characterized by eclecticism. The seven-story building is 45 meters high and is crowned by a watchtower from where sugarcane plantations could be seen.

According to experts, the bell on top of the tower was used to call the slaves to work and rest, and to announce prayers to the Holy Virgin in the morning, midday and afternoon. It was also used to send a warning in case of fire and runaway slaves. The watchtower was an excellent place to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the valley. For a long time, it was the most beautiful and tallest tower in the country, and the best place to watch the movement of slaves working in the sugar factories in Valle de los Ingenios.

The origin of the Iznaga Tower also has a good dose of legend, linked to the Iznaga brothers, who were rich landowners and sugar mill proprietors. One of the stories says that the tower was built as a result of a dispute between the two brothers, who were in love with the same young woman, so they decided to build a structure whose length in meters would define the winner of the woman’s heart. Another story says that Alejo had ordered to build the tower to confine his wife, who had been unfaithful to him. An unequivocal symbol of the region, the Iznaga Tower continues to be a sign of the village’s wealth as a result of the development of the sugar industry and trade.” – Wikipedia.

Our guide told us that slaves who did not obey were forced to jump from the tower to frighten the others.

Before arriving in the heart of Trinidad, we also visited the Che Guevara musem, a botanical garden and made several stops to drink a mojito or Pinacolada (we had a driver;)) ). The best pinacoladas I’ve ever tasted because here they use fresh coconut milk, so yummy!!

In Trinidad, people let their front doors open to let strangers visit their houses for a stay. They put photos of their families at the entrance so that visitors can get an inside of their private lives. They also dress up to welcome tourists, look at this beautiful lady below!

Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 64.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 61.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 65.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 60.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 67.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 63.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 66.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 68.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 69.JPG
Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 70.JPG

We spent a night in Trinidad before heading toward Cayo Santa Maria! In Trinidad you can do a lot of things – we stayed in the colonial town centre and did not see the beach which apparently is beautiful! Here you can visit a local pottery, the Museum of Colonial Architecture or climb to the top of the bell tower! On the road again, we stopped at the Che Guevara Mausoleum, a memorial in Santa Clara.



CAYO SANTA MARIA – Carribean sea…!

And then, after a whole week of exploring it was time for the sea.

Arriving in Cayo Santa Maria…

Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 87.JPG

We stayed at the Royalton Cayo Santa Maria hotel and I did absolutely nothing except walking down the beach, eat mango (bought on the road) and sunbath. At night, I loved to discover little monsters… and bingo – we saw a huge frog, crab and snail! 😀 The hotel was nice, I loved the bar where they perfectly cut my mango every morning and made the best cocktails. When I was motivated, I got up at 7 to take a long walk on the sea. The sea…. I’ve never seen such a beautiful sea, crystal clear and turquoise – WOW. And the softest whitest sand! I don’t have many pictures because all I was doing was chilling, eating, drinking, dancing at night, sleeping and taking some selfies in between.


Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 83.JPG

Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 80.JPG

Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 82.JPG


Travel Blogger Cuba Havana Spots 94.JPG









I loved this trip and I can only recommend it to you!

IMG_3052 2.JPG

I hope this article inspired you & was useful for you! Let me know below and if you have more information or stories to share about this country, please share them as well 🙂



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Christmas Gift Guide 2018

By Anna Katina


Hello my friends! The waiting is over, my Christmas Gift Guide 2018 is live!!

I worked two entire days on the photos after collecting all the gifts I wanted to feature. In my selection, I present classic presents but also less classic ones, amazing deals I found etc. For example I had this idea to assemble products from Luxembourgish start-ups! Also, you will exclusively discover a new accessory brand from Luxembourg! I linked every product so that you can find it easily and added the website of each brand as well! “LU” means that the product is only available in Luxembourg. And of course, I prepared a few surprises for you as well! Now enjoy my guide and be so kind, leave me a comment at the end, I would really appreciate some feedback!

DANIEL WELLINGTON – the classic way


Who doesn’t know the Daniel Wellington watches? The minimalistic design and affordable price made this brand so popular. I opted for the Classic St Mawes, which is also available in a gift set! The set that I chose includes a second strap, the ruby red Roselyn Nato, the Christmas colour par excellence! Currently they have -10% on all gift sets and they gave me the code KATINA which gives you a total discount of 25%, beautiful gift wrapping included! The price of the gift box with the total discount is 148,75€.



Horsebit loafer – the Gucci way

Christmas gift guide 2018 ideasDSC_4667.jpg

Instagram inspired me to get myself a pair Gucci’s Horsebit loafer. For me, the perfect gift “from me to me”. The loafer is super comfortable and I love to wear it casually as well as for special occasions. I won’t lie, it’s the comfiest loafer I’ve ever worn! My current philosophy is quality over quantity! In fact, I stopped buying randomly cheap footwear and it feels great to have a timeless pair which goes with everything. I think from time to time, especially for Christmas, you should spoil yourself and a shoe is my personal symbol of moving forward. Gucci doesn’t deliver to Luxembourg but there is a store in Luxembourg City. The price is 595€.


an Instant camera is always a good idea


Everybody loves instant cameras! You can instantly take snaps which will be printed in a vintage style. It’s good fun for adults and kids. I see instax cameras at every wedding I shoot but kids also love to play around with them. My favourite is the Fuji Instax, but the Polaroid in vintage colours is beautiful for sure!! By comparing the prints, I prefer the Instax. You can get it in many stores, in Luxembourg it’s available at Saturn for example, I ordered mine at Urban Outfitters! The average price is 140€.


a festive outfit – my gift from me to one of the ladies out there!

Christmas gift guide 2018 ideas 42.JPG

So my friends, you will see, in this blogpost are hidden several surprises.. 🙂 And the first one is the following: a shopping voucher of 250€ to spend at the fashion store Ville Neuve located in the shopping centre Belle Etoile in Luxembourg. The entire outfit I wear above is from the store and I need to say, they have a nice brand selection! From Guess to Molly Bracken, you will find what you are looking for for sure! This is my look for NYE btw :D. So what you need to do in order to participate in the giveaway: comment on this blogpost what is on your wishlist for Christmas, add #christmas2018 and don’t forget to leave your e-mail address in the correct field before submitting (it will not be displayed). I will pick a winner on Monday morning!

UPDATE: The winner is Christelle! I’ve just sent you an e-mail and I need your full name please! Thanks everyone for participating, more giveaways will follow this week on my Instagram! Kisses, A.



A fair fashion backpack ° LU


My favourite product from Akabo, a fair fashion store in Luxembourg City, is of course, the Ansvar backpack. A lovely companion for your trips! Not only does it look sweet, it’s also a lovely gift for small and big alike, a fair fashion product and you can fill it with candies or other things for an additional surprise! I took mine to Cuba, the French Riviera, Belgian Coast and Croatia this Summer, we are inseparable! You can purchase it in-store and the price is 50€.


LOCAL START-UPS, when healthy meets yummy ° LU


This winter I had the opportunity to discover and shoot different lovely local food start-ups! And I thought it could be a nice Christmas gift to offer a basket full of healthy & yummy newbies! In the Christmas basket I am featuring you can find cold-pressed juices, spices and nut spreads! PS. You can find the craft paper bags at Bastelkiste and baskets at Lucien Schweitzer, both located next to Place Paris in Luxembourg City!

Christmas gift guide 2018 ideas 14.JPG

  • First, as you may have seen on my Instagram, there is Apothecary – a coldpressed juice store located in the shopping centre City Concorde. They work with organic vegetables and fruits, the packaging is eco-friendly, and the juices taste amazing! The price of a juice is 6€, they also make shots! The juices must be consumed within three days.

  • There is also the new brand Spice Collection. Roxane, the founder created this brand and offers several spices collected from all over the world! I love the packaging – the first spices I don’t hide in the kitchen shelves! Shop the spices at Apothecary and Luxembourg House! The average price is 7€.

  • And finally, another recent discovery of mine is Nux Organic Foods – it’s all about nut spreads with natural and organic ingredients! Same here, you can find them at Luxembourg House and Apothecary for 7€! The easiest way is to shop the entire set at Apothecary as they sell products from both brands!





I did not plan to add shoes at all but when my friend ordered these yesterday after seing them on me, “a Christmas gift from me to me” she said, I thought I should probably share them with all of you! If you are looking for the perfect boot for this Winter, here it is. I spent a whole day in London in finding a simple but beautiful boot and the moment I gave up the search I entered the store BALLY and my soul was sold. 😛 The boot is called Ingrid! Today, you’re lucky because it’s on sale!! My bf was not so lucky :P. So it’s the moment to buy these beauties!! They have a discount of 40%, which makes 450€. Believe me, you will wear them daily and awesome legs guaranteed. PS. Most sizes are still available.


a TRAVEL VOUCHER from We Love to Travel ° LU


Traveling is my big passion, it’s where I feel free and where my photography can take a break from work. I spend most of my money on traveling so here is my personal favourite gift I found in Luxembourg, a travel voucher from We Love to Travel, such a cool one! It’s presented as a small suitcase with some travel must haves, like a camera, flipflops etc. On the other side you can see the value of the travel voucher. The suitcase is delivered in a cute cardboard wrapping so no extra wrapping needed from yourself! Also, you save 15% off the travel voucher you purchase! So if you would like to offer a voucher of 100€, you only pay 85€ for it, in other words, you offer more than you spend! Get the giftbox in any We Love to Travel agency across the country, I got mine at the shopping Centre Belle Etoile.

You know I love to spoil you, so I teamed up with the travel agency for the Belle Etoile advent calendar to give away a travel voucher of 100€ to one of you!!! So head over to the Belle Etoile Instagram account and participate!! You can thank me later ;)). Update: Giveaway is closed!






A girl never owns enough makeup. And the safest way is definitely an eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. Trust me. Sephora sells them all! My favourites are the new Cherry and Back Talk, both in rosé tones for sweet eyes in Winter. Useful extra, most of the palettes include a brush so no need to buy extra ones! Last month I wrote an entire article regarding my favourite cosmetics, check it out for more inspo! I buy all my palettes at Sephora in Luxembourg City and the average price is 50€.



Christmas gift guide 2018 ideas 2.JPG

In my previous blogpost I showed you my skincare routine where I already talk about J’adore Bio, another local start-up but this time from the cosmetic sector. This is the perfect gift for girls. Dear boys, make your girl happy with natural cosmetics! The three products featured above are my current favourites for a present because they are different, the packaging is perfect and the stories behind each is unique. In fact, J’adore Bio works with small businesses from Europe. The lipsticks you see are lipbalms with 4 (!!!) ingredients only, tha naked one has only 3!!


DOCS foreva


Dr Martens, footwear for any age. Imagine you unwrap your Christmas present and you find a pair of Docs inside! I don’t know about you, but my reaction would be – damn, that’s freakin awesome! Why is this shoe so great? Well, Docs are simply rock’n’roll. You look cool immediately no matter how chic or girlie the rest of your outfit is and that’s why I like them, they break the rules + they’re compfy, I think that every girl should have a pair of these. The look below was the result of a fashion challenge organized by Belle Etoile, how about a tutu with docs for Xmas or NYE? 😀 (tutu from Ville Neuve, available in different colours) and Docs from Sacha Shoes also located at Belle Etoile.

anna katina

Photo by Yves Kortum


A makeup bag created by a Luxembourgish Designer

Christmas gift guide 2018 ideas 26.JPG

This is an exclusive first communication about a new brand, it has launched today my friends!! And I’m proud to announce you the news! Actë Nation is a new accessory brand from Luxembourg, created by a Luxembourgish lady, Maïté, and the products are made in Spain! The idea behind the “Win & Wyn, the Twin Pouch” is that it opens up like a transparent book so you can easily find what you need. What I particularely like about the pouche is that from now on, you don’t need the disposable plastic bags for the control check at the airports anymore. You can easily detach one side of the pouch and use it for your plane trips! The pouches are available in 8 different colours and for me, it’s an amazing gift for a woman with style. Why not filling it with a few vegan cosmetics for an extra surprise;)? The price of a pouch is 165€ – i know! But you need to know that it’s a superior quality, a local designer product and handmade in Spain. With my code “ANNA20” you get a discount of 20% until December 31! And because you were so supportive this year… I am giving away one Pouche on Instagram tomorrow, December 13, open for Europe !


Christmas gift guide 2018 ideas 28.JPGChristmas gift guide 2018 ideas 31.JPG




Last but not least, I would like to present you Desenio, I wrote about this brand in another post but I love the brand so much so I ordered new posters and frames and wanted to show you some! If you want to re-decorate your bedroom or office for the new year, this will be a good help! But it can be a great Christmas present for you loved ones as well! There is something for every taste, from inspirational quotes to moody forest photos! Also, the paper quality is very good, not comparable to classic shiny posters. The frames are great too: light and minimalistic, available in several colours!

I orderered many posters but here you can see which ones I added to my home office yesterday. The Autumn Forest poster and Planet Mars go so well together, don’t they? The third photo is my own! I took it at the Belgian coast last Summer. Get a discount of 25% my friends with the code ANNAK25, only valid until tomorrow (not valid on frames and handpicked/collaboration posters)!


I also need the frames for the Troc’n’Brol exhibition, an alternative Christmas market held this Friday evening at the Rotondes in Luxembourg City. I sure hope to see some of you! You can find all the infos in my previous blogpost! The idea is not to buy an artwork but to make an exchange. Of course, if there is a photo that you absolutely want, I can sell it to you privately! It will be all about travel photography for my part! 🙂 I am exhibiting some of my Cuba photos I’ve not shared with anyone until now… Below a little preview!

Christmas gift guide 2018 ideas 51.JPG

So my friends, I hope that I could inspire you with this new gift guide! As you can see, I added three giveaways for you so make sure to participate if you like the gifts! In Luxembourg City, you can find other cute gifts at the alternative Christmas market Troc’n’Brol this Friday and at the Stijlmarkt on Saturday and Sunday! Thanks for reading, love A.



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Save the date! Troc'n'Brol 2018

By Anna Katina


Yes, that’s my twin Xenia a few years ago with black, long hair!! 😀

TROC’N’BROL – an alternative Christmas market!

It’s that time of the year again and I’m so excited!! December 14, I’m getting ready!!

Every year, I participate to Troc’n’Brol. For me, it’s the coolest yearly event in Luxembourg! First, I love to catch-up with with our local artists and art lovers, enjoy the exhibition (more than 20 exhibitors), drink warm wine.. And of course, it’s always a pleasure read your cute or not so cute offers that YOU, dear visitors propose in exchange of your favourite creations! In fact, Troc’n’Brol is not a standard creators market.. First of all, it’s all about art, the exhibitors are graphic designers, photographers, painters, jewellery designers etc. I usually exhibit my photos or sketches – let me surprise you !! And secondly.. the idea is not to buy an artwork with money!

Just as Christophe says: “Visitors can then bid on all artworks, although money is not the currency here. In order to win an artwork, bids have to be some kind of exchangeable thing or service. Bids can be pretty much anything, from a meal, to another piece of art, to some free lessons, and so on. Original and creative bids are usually appreciated by the artists, while food is often refused”. The best offers I received last year were huge plants, a solo concert and a handmade cosmetic set! Anyone can participate, any barter can be proposed! What I like to do as well is to decorate my wall and to write down some things that I’d like to get in exchange, things that I need etc. Some artists remain anonymous, let’s see how I will do it this time.

Troc’n’Brol opens at 18:00 in a festive atmosphere with music, drinks and snacks – the perfect Friday night plan for art lovers!


To make an offer, simply attach a post-it to the desired work (there are plenty of post-its waiting for you), with the following details in legible handwriting:

> Your Exchange Offer (detailed)

> Your (correct) first and last name

> an opportunity to contact (telephone number or e-mail address)

At around 23h00, the offers selected by the artists will be announced and displayed at the works. The works and the offerings remain hanging until midnight, so that the artists have the opportunity to organize the barter with the lucky chosen ones, and all other visitors can admire the expressiveness of the selected proposals. If your offer is selected but you left earlier, don’t worry, the artist will contact you if you left your mail address or phone number!

Oh and my twin Xenia participates as well! Below are some photos I took during the previous editions! I really hope to meet some of you my friends! PS. The days after, on Saturday 15 & Sunday 16, Stijlmarkt will fill the Hall Victor Hugo, another cool opportunity to find a cute Christmas gift. Over 100 local designers and small brands will sell their products, I will give away 2 entrances this week on Instagram!

Well for me, that weekend definetely sounds like a big plan!

14/12 @ ROTONDES from 18h00 to 01h00

free entrance


Read my article of the 2015 edition and the 2014 edition !


additional info in French and German here.


Place des Rotondes, 2448 Luxemburg



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