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Pride In Conversation: Drag Race UK's Scaredy Kat Meets Sandra

By Adam Bloodworth

Drag has never been more prominent than it is right now.

Drag culture derives from fabulously dingy cabaret bars, but

A post shared by Alex Cubb (@scaredykatofficial) on Jun 13, 2020 at 10:15am PDT

Sandra: So what do you have planned? Recently someone told me about OnlyFans, it used to be a porn site but they’re trying to clean it up now. They have to subscribe to watch you, I got $200 dollars the other night. I can put you in contact with someone from OnlyFans…

Scaredy: Oh thank you, that’d be great! And you should apply for Drag Race!

Sandra: Thank you! It’s been a pleasure talking to you. If you need to get in contact, go on Facebook, do a live message… I mentioned you on my live chat. I said Scaredy Kat, look out for that girl!

Scaredy: Thank you! Have a really great weekend!

Sandra: And you too! I’m just walking around a cemetery at the moment. Can you hear the birds?

Scaredy: I can! Haha! I’ll let you go.

Sandra: If you need me, just get in touch okay?

Scaredy: You’re so kind, you’re such a sweetheart. Bye!

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/drag-queens-in-conversation-pride-scaredy-kat-drag-race-uk-sandra-drag-queen_uk_5ef5b37fc5b6acab283fda72