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André Leon Talley on Anna Wintour: 'If she asks me to attend her couture fittings after this book, I will be surprised'

By André Leon Talley

In this extract from his explosive new memoir, the former editor-at-large of US Vogue talks frankly about its legendary editor-in-chief

Exclusive interview with the man behind the memoir

Vogue started a podcast in 2016 and Anna Wintour announced me as the host. It began with a successful roar and a roster of huge guests: Tom Ford, Kim Kardashian, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang. Anna quietly directed the whole thing from her office. She did not approve of all the interviews I wanted to do, like Missy Elliott or Maya Rudolph. We instead stuck to insider fashion. Anna came down and participated if she found my guest interesting enough.

Then, like a morning fog that suddenly lets up, the podcast no longer existed. No explanation or compensation. Just sphinx-like silence from Anna. She decimated me with this silent treatment so many times; it is just the way she resolves any issue.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/may/23/andre-leon-talley-on-anna-wintour-if-she-asks-me-to-attend-her-couture-fittings-after-this-book-i-will-be-surprised