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I Fostered A Puppy During Covid-19. It Helped In An Unexpected Way

By Bailey Berg

Scruffy wasn’t the kind of dog we’d asked for.

The moment he was released from his kennel, it was like the Running of the Bulls. His 20-pound frame bounded around the room, his gait more bounce than run. When I scooped him up, he squirmed and barked until his four oversized paws were back on the ground. He alternated between nibbling on and humping everything. He was wild.

What was most notable about him was his hair ― shaggy and so voluminous it bounced with every step. If you’ve ever seen a bald eagle starting to morph from its brown juvenile feathers to the distinct white feathers of adulthood, that’s kind of what Scruffy’s colouring looked like, crossed with the erratic styling of Bernie Sanders. His name was fitting.

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