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9 Tweets You Need To See If You're Struggling To Laugh Today

By Amy Packham

We’re here to guide you through the coronavirus lockdown.
Why It’s Okay – In Fact, Absolutely Necessary – To Laugh Right Now

1. The toddler-man child act is too good

Plus, a great way for parents of toddlers to fill a couple of hours. Just make sure they don’t, you know, fall off.

Why is playing with her like this ???? pic.twitter.com/90Y4ZAaBYS

— Dani.?? (@XoXoRihanna_) April 20, 2020

2. Yet another Zoom disaster

The stories are endless. This one, featuring toilet humour, got us real good.

Tomorrow my twins turn 4.

Today during a zoom work call one of them sauntered in & told everyone on the call ‘Today mummy did a big poo. She was in the toilet for so long’

I just cannot wait for the day when they are a bit older & I can embarrass them. I have a lot of ideas.

— Pragya Agarwal: SWAY Out Now (@DrPragyaAgarwal) April 22, 2020

3. The music teacher who can’t handle online learning

Her new song is quite the tune. Just wait till the end.

I’ve watched this 10 times and it just gets better every time. pic.twitter.com/AwzdPUGBFQ

— luke i am your mother (@MommaUnfiltered) April 19, 2020

4. Just a goose in a dress.

We don’t know why, either.

sorry i can’t be her pic.twitter.com/NYlAPb7Pl6

— laurel (@releasethedoves) April 21, 2020

5. McDonald’s is, literally, a farm

It’s almost like this was planned.

This old McDonald’s is now a farm. https://t.co/KvGxDD36LL

— JA (@jaclark1315) April 21, 2020

6. Greg Wallace in some interesting poses

The way he’s looking at the camera though. Now we can’t unsee the fart pose idea.

Greg Wallace, aggressively pushing out farts in various poses, whilst maintaining eye contact. pic.twitter.com/39UI5XnieT

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) April 19, 2020

7. This at-home musical joy

Single in quarantine and having all the fun. Kick back, relax, and enjoy.

since I’m single in the quarantine I’ve decided to reenact moments from my favorite musicals so it feels like I’m in love — first is LES MISÉRABLES pic.twitter.com/Om11HKDZ30

— Mary Neely (@mneelzy) March 31, 2020

8. The quarantine Billie Jean tea dance

Can anything beat this?

Coffee. Quarantine. Billie Jean.

The internet is undefeated…??pic.twitter.com/UEwK2kiMKU

— Rex Chapman?? (@RexChapman) April 22, 2020

9. Don’t pose with your post, guys

Our very own audience editor Becky shared the moment she thought the postman actually wanted her to pose with the post.

Reader, we couldn’t stop laughing.

Let me share a cringe moment that just happened… I just got delivered a big parcel & the delivery man needed to take a picture of it – delivered. And I thought he needed me to pick it up and pose with it. He did not need me to do that. I had to put it back on the floor.

— Becky Barnes (@BeckyBarnesB) April 22, 2020

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/funny-tweets-if-youre-struggling-to-laugh-today_uk_5ea15599c5b699978a33b8ad