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Trump Reportedly Wants Out Of The White House And Everyone’s Making The Same Jokes

By Ed Mazza

President Donald Trump is reportedly “frustrated” about being holed up in the White House as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds.

Aside from a March 28 trip to Norfolk, Virginia to see the USNS Comfort depart for New York, Trump has been in Washington since a March 6-9 visit to Florida for fundraisers and golf. On Wednesday, NBC News reported that Trump’s aides were working on a plan to get him some time out of town, perhaps in the form of a visit to see health care workers or first responders.

“Like many Americans, the president is looking to travel when it is safe to do so,” an unnamed senior administration official told NBC News.

On social media, Trump’s critics offered some suggestions about how he can get out of town, but they were looking to give the president more of a one-way trip:

Has he considered resigning?

He can cut and paste this: pic.twitter.com/29ppjQX35g

— Speculawyer ??-American (@speculawyer) April 22, 2020

I mean….it will fit within a tweet.

— Speculawyer ??-American (@speculawyer) April 22, 2020

I for one am willing to help https://t.co/10k9nkdgkl

— George Conway (@gtconway3d) April 22, 2020

It’s a deal, on the condition he never goes back.

— Michael Marshall Smith (@ememess) April 22, 2020

He could resign. Has he considered that?

— Marc Goldstein (@marcgoldstein_) April 22, 2020

He is free to resign and move to Florida.

— Art Martin (@gartmartin9) April 22, 2020

Him leave forever in the January if you is do you job and make vote for the Joe. https://t.co/OZsSmyA6JV

— Rogue Melania???? (@RogueFirstLady) April 23, 2020

He’ll quit 100%

— Tom Arnold (@TomArnold) April 22, 2020

Sign right here, Mr. President pic.twitter.com/UvdLUv3aSU

— Battle Armor Dad (@BattleArmorDad1) April 23, 2020

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