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11 Parenting Tweets To Give Mums And Dads A Much Needed Laugh

By Amy Packham

We’re here to guide you through the coronavirus lockdown.
Why It’s Okay – In Fact, Absolutely Necessary – To Laugh Right Now

1. Dad outwits his prankster kids.

Kids pranking their parents? They’ll get you back even harder.

My youngest has been banging on about “prank week” and has been royally pranking us all day.

Little does she know, her father is the prank master

Both of them panicking now, the bonus is that their sadness has brought a hush into the house. pic.twitter.com/IsI6MoZb2V

— schwitz (@sentientbomb) April 21, 2020

2. Child’s drawing is bloody strange.

Not quite as uplifting as those rainbows really, is it?

My wife asked my son if he wanted to draw another picture to stick on the window… pic.twitter.com/EVGPEYbFnA

— James McEnaney (@MrMcEnaney) April 20, 2020

3. Baby orders an onion.

That’ll be 20 quid for a large one, please.

Let my one year-old daughter play with my phone and she ordered one onion on Deliveroo. pic.twitter.com/28qVw0qYNP

— Jamie (@Jamsoir) April 20, 2020

4. Toddler hates mum’s cooking.

“Misgusting” is a term we can all get on board with.

Today I made a sourdough loaf I forgot about and left in the oven for 20 minutes too long, and some pancakes that the three-year-old spat out and branded “misgusting”. Winning at lockdown

— Victoria Richards (@nakedvix) April 20, 2020

5. Kid calls police on dad.

Isn’t this just normal WFH attire?

If anyone is wondering how lockdown is going. I was doing @thebodycoach fancy dress work out when my toddler accidentally called the police on the landline. This is how I was dressed. #PEWithJoe#noofficerwearefinepic.twitter.com/oXEtAcnFx2

— David Allen (@DaveAllen7011) April 17, 2020

6. Three-year-old does mum’s makeover.

Hard relate to those dark under-eye bags.

Parent in Lockdown
April 2020
Artist : 3yr old

Bold use of colours. Massive black block represents the tired eyebags of parenting. Crosses symbolise a toddler’s apparent birth-right to shout “NO” at everything. Note the distant, staring look of a parent now done with lockdown. pic.twitter.com/2Aa7hR3Ge7

— Amy Judd (@MeetCornelia) April 16, 2020

7. Toddlers won’t stop drawing.

Everywhere. Why. Whyyyyy.

Why use a coloring book when this ENTIRE house can be my canvas?!


— A Bearer Of Dad News (@HomeWithPeanut) April 12, 2020

8. Parent makes artwork of it.

“My kid could draw that.” (Oh wait, he did).

This is so amazing. I am completely in love with this. That might be my museum-loving, art-nerd persona coming to the forefront. But so envious too that I didn’t think of this myself! ?

[taken from facebook] pic.twitter.com/qPkFGmYkSY

— Pragya Agarwal: SWAY Out Now (@DrPragyaAgarwal) April 16, 2020

9. Boy tapes up dolls.

This might just be… one of the most unsettling tweets we’ve seen.

I think lockdown might be getting to my son….. pic.twitter.com/1qC3v6TGg9

— Jake Sanson (@JakeSanson) April 20, 2020

10. Teen pretends he’s kidnapped.

Because that’s not worrying at all to someone walking past…

Just caught my son standing at the front window with this #lockdownpic.twitter.com/Dx2xG2ZFY1

— Jo Warner (@JoWarner01) April 15, 2020

11. Three little girls leave note.

“We are leaving home for the treehouse because our lives are horrible.” At least the parents will get some… space.

My friend’s three daughters have had enough of lockdown. I feel this so much. “Do not talk to us (unles it’s dinner)” pic.twitter.com/hacK2vLMK2

— Orla (@MollyBl00m) April 20, 2020

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/parenting-tweets-to-make-you-laugh-knowingly_uk_5e9eeabdc5b6a486d07f3505