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Watch: Here’s The Latest On Coronavirus Today 21 April 2020

US President Donald Trump will sign a temporary order to halt all immigration into the country although no further details have been shared on the time and scope of the ban yet. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has urged countries not to politicise the pandemic saying he understands tragedy, citing his home country Eritrea’s 20 years of war in the past. The price of U.S. oil fell below zero for the first time in history meaning oil companies paid to get rid of their product, the knock on effect from lockdowns around the country doesn’t necessarily mean consumers will pay less at the pump though. In the UK Parliament is returning from easter recess where TVs have been added to the House of Commons chamber so MPs can attend via Zoom. The government is expected to debate Sir Richard Branson’s much-criticised ask for taxpayer support to help save his company Virgin – the billionaire has offered to mortgage his private Caribbean island in the tax-free British Virgin Islands. And in Italy, after their coach asked for a video of them practicing, two girls have made a clip showing them playing tennis together – on separate roofs.

Via:: https://delivery.vidible.tv/video/redirect/5e9eb701a2a07d3709cfaaf3?bcid=56bdff2c67b6233ed4c2d3c5&w=854&h=480