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'I'm trying to make working from home as fun as I can': what readers are wearing in lockdown

By Hannah Marriott

From donning school uniform to raiding the fancy-dress box, readers share how they are dressing while they are forced to work in the house

Two weeks ago, Bonita Waldman put on a gold lamé dress that had been crocheted by her 94-year-old mother 40 years ago. “It made me feel close to her,” she says. Her mother was very ill in a care home at the time. Waldman couldn’t visit her, or see anyone else, because of the lockdown. So she worked from home wearing extraordinary outfits and posting the results on Facebook to “cheer up” her friends.

She sent a photograph of herself wearing the dress to the care home where the staff printed it out to show her mother. Tragically, her mother died before she could see it. “It’s a sad story,” says Waldman, “but it is also a happy one in a way, because I have these dresses that she made.” Waldman says she will wear more of her mother’s exquisite creations during lockdown, including the wedding dress her mother crocheted for her, as well as “funny outfits” – such as a flamenco dress – to raise friends’ and colleagues’ spirits, as well as her own.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/apr/17/im-trying-to-make-working-from-home-as-fun-as-i-can-what-readers-are-wearing-in-lockdown