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How I Cope: Reading One Book A Week Gives Me Structure In Chaotic Times

By Rachael Revesz

Is there a catch to all this horizontal activity? Do I have to do other stuff less?

Yes, probably. If someone plonked me on a comfy cushion in front of Grace and Frankie on Netflix, I could probably stay there for a week or two. Same with Twitter. I have to constantly motivate myself to keep picking up the next book. But it feels worth it, and much more satisfying and enriching than watching endless repeats.

Reading is also a fantastic reason to get into bed early, which I love doing. It feels delicious to draw out that bookmark — is there anything more satisfying than a bookmark? Mine has a picture of cats on it — and zone into whatever world I have chosen for those seven days.

Life may be short but reading material is infinite. I want to chip away at this world, one book at a time, from my own bookshelf. It helps me feel, especially right now, like I’m not losing out on the outside world.

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/coronavirus-reading-calm-peace-mindfulness-books_uk_5e87244cc5b63e06281cb2bf