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So merch for all that: how Bernie Sanders became politics’ least likely style icon

By Ellie Violet Bramley

Never has one man in inexpensive rumpled suits been so loved by the style set – but Sanders’ clothes signal an authenticity other politicians can only dream of

Of all the things we’ll miss about Bernie Sanders, now that he has dropped out of the Democratic race, his style should be the least of it. Not only because his politics are so right on – this is the man who believes in free education and Medicare for all and who has had many Americans, who until recently felt disenfranchised by mainstream politics, feeling activated by it. But also because his clothes are so seemingly unremarkable.

He wears crumpled suits that look borrowed from a slightly larger man and creased shirts with straight-lace striped ties. The inconspicuousness of his geography teacher shoes are matched only by his inoffensive navy round-neck jumpers.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/apr/11/so-merch-for-all-that-how-bernie-sanders-became-politics-least-likely-style-icon