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Fashion meets Fortnite: 3D clothes and digital catwalks

By Hannah Marriott Fashion editor

The pandemic is forcing the industry to get creative online and look to precedents set by gaming

Virtual clothing and cyberspace catwalk shows may sound like the stuff of a William Gibson novel. But with physical fashion weeks on hold, and many designers unable to produce their next collections owing to the Covid-19 crisis, the niche world of digital fashion has been catapulted to the mainstream.

“Anyone who wants to put on a catwalk show in June will have to go digital,” says Kerry Murphy, founder of “digital fashion house” The Fabricant, which he says has seen a spike in interest since lockdown began. One of The Fabricant’s clients, Tommy Hilfiger, is among brands already testing avatars, holograms and augmented-reality formats internally, the company’s CEO, Daniel Grieder, told fashion trade title WWD.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/apr/10/fashion-meets-fortnite-rise-of-3d-clothes-digital-catwalks