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LA Originals: a Netflix documentary about an influential hip-hop duo

By Morena Duwe

Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon talk about a new film focusing on their ascension within the star-studded LA hip-hop world after a chance meeting in 1992

It’s 1992, and two lowriders walk into a Penthouse Players record release party at the Hollywood Athletic Club. They did not arrive together, but as two of the only Chicanos at the party, they were quickly introduced. Both steeped in the 1990s hip-hop zeitgeist, they bond over music, art and the beloved Los Angeles pastime of custom lowrider cars. Bedazzled in intricately designed, glinting candy paint with wire-spoke wheels, whitewall tires and bouncing hydraulics, a lowrider isn’t just something you own, it’s something you are.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/apr/09/la-originals-hip-hop-netflix-film