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England, Scotland and Wales' Coronavirus Deaths Increase 887 In 24 Hours

By Sarah Turnnidge

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The number of people who have died in England, Scotland and Wales after contracting coronavirus has risen by 887 in 24 hours.

The increase consists of 765 in England, 81 in Scotland and 41 in Wales. The figure for Northern Ireland has yet to be announced.

UK-wide figures from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) are not yet published, so the data are taken from each nation’s individual reporting.

It brings the working total to 7,984.

But the government tally, when it is released, is unlikely to match this figure, even after Northern Ireland reports. Northern Ireland, counts deaths up to 9.30am, rather than 5pm as the DHSC does. Here’s a quick primer on what all the different numbers mean and how to understand them.

The vast majority of the data for England cover deaths that took place prior to Wednesday and which NHS England was late to report: 568 between April 1 and April 7, and 57 in March, going as far back as March 16.

Patients in England were aged 24 to 103, with 43 having no known underlying health conditions. They include a previously healthy 33-year-old.

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