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Twin Peaks at 30: some damn fine outfits but what do they mean?

By Lauren Cochrane

It’s three decades since David Lynch’s groundbreaking TV show hit our screens, and the character’s clothes have aged as well as the drama

Twin Peaks – the series that brought us damn fine coffee, the Log Lady and, for some, a sudden distrust of owls – celebrates its 30th anniversary this week. Alongside a gripping plot centred on murdered schoolgirl Laura Palmer and Lynchian weirdness such as the red room, the series will always be remembered for its style. Catherine Spooner, professor of literature and culture at Lancaster University, and co-editor of Twin Peaks: New Approaches to Materiality, Theory and Genre on Television, says: “Virtually every character wears a kind of uniform conveying their role in the community.” Here are six characters who use fashion to particularly memorable effect. With Kyle MacLachlan, aka Agent Cooper, hosting a virtual viewing party, here is some inspiration if you want to celebrate the anniversary in style. Contains spoilers …

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/apr/08/twin-peaks-at-30-some-damn-fine-outfits-but-what-do-they-mean