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Killing Eve Series 3: The Reviews Are Out, And They're Decidedly Mixed

By Daniel Welsh

IndieWire (B-)

“Killing Eve is a hybrid — a serialised procedural — and Season 3 tests how comfortable fans will be with a regimented structure. It’s perfectly fine entertainment, supported by two excellent performances. But if the series wants its edge back, it will have to go in for the kill.”

TV Guide (2.5/5)

“Killing Eve now feels like a copy of its former self. The edges are now duller, the lines less distinct. If there was ever a show that would have benefited from being a limited series, it is Killing Eve.”


“It’s juicy and entertaining and shocking and stylish as always. But the Honeymoon phase is over. We know these two can’t make it together in the long run and so does the show itself. That’s the problem.

Killing Eve returns to the BBC iPlayer on 13 April, with new episodes every Monday. Each episode will also air on Sunday nights on BBC One from 19 April.

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Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/killing-eve-series-3-reviews_uk_5e8d9d66c5b6e1a2e0fc76de