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7 Pieces Of Parenting Advice Everyone Could Use Right Now

By Kate Auletta

Staying home, as essential as it is right now, is no easy feat. This is true especially for parents, who are now likely juggling even more in their households.

So HuffPost Parents turned to parenting experts to get the tried-and-true tips they give parents, and find out how you can apply them to everyone with whom you’re self-isolating, children or ― more importantly ― otherwise.

As Dr. Alexandra Hamlet of The Child Mind Institute told HuffPost, “These are all life skills, not just corona skills. These are all things that really promote mental healthiness overall and make us more effective.”

Here are some basic parenting rules that can and should be extended to the adults in your home, both now and later on.


Set boundaries

“The biggest advice I would give folks right now is establish healthy boundaries with the people you live with. Now more than ever it’s important to set boundaries around space and time. During this time of social distancing, our homes have now become multipurpose spaces that function as work, school, places of worship, the gym, etc., which can blur the lines between space and time. So, it’s important that clear boundaries be established around how and when space gets used but also who and when others have access to you.” ―
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