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Quarantine rivalries: forget blitz spirit, everyone has started petty lockdown feuds

By Hadley Freeman

In the absence of a concrete enemy, we are venting our anger and anxiety at one another. It is time to take a step back

So, is the coronavirus bringing people together?
Chantal, by email

Roll on, ye olde blitz spirit! We were promised that innately British pluck, the kind that had housewives chatting among the remains of their bombed-out houses as the Queen stopped by to give them tea, would get Britain through this plague. It was supposed to get us through the ravages of Brexit. (Remember that? Hilarious!) Yet the global plague superseded that, which is a bit like being mid-shark attack, only for you and the shark to be swallowed suddenly by a T rex.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/apr/06/quarantine-rivalries-forget-blitz-spirit-everyone-has-started-petty-lockdown-feuds