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It's Okay To Turn Down A Group Video Call, Even When You Have Nothing Else On

By Rachel Moss

We’re here to guide you through the coronavirus lockdown.
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Because of this, it’s “absolutely okay” to turn down a video call with your friends, says Kate Leaver author of The Friendship Cure, “particularly if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious at the moment.”

“Friends are pretty much obliged to understand, especially right now,” she says. “The best thing to do is explain how you feel, rather than lying – let’s face it, ‘I’m doing something else’ doesn’t work at the moment. Try to reschedule because it’s lovely to keep in regular contact when you can.”

At the centre of my desire to skip some Zoom calls is also the urge to get away from my phone or laptop – something I’m sure many of you will able to relate to if you’re working full time from home.

If, like me, you’re finding the digital nature of interactions a burden, etiquette coach William Hanson, executive director of The English Manner, says “the best and most graceful” way to turn down a digital date is to let them know you’re having a technology detox.

When you say this, you can “enthuse about speaking to them sometime soon at a later date, in order to soften the rejection”, he says, adding: “A word of caution: if you do say you are having a technology detox, be careful about being caught on social media.”

We can also find ways to stay in touch with friends that don’t involve sitting for prolonged periods in front of a screen, adds Leaver.

“You could go old fashioned and write to them,” she suggests. “You could pick up the phone and – God forbid! – have a phone conversation. Or exchange voice notes via WhatsApp, which is like a phone call without the confrontation of one. Text can also feel like a reprieve from all these video chats.”

Failing those suggestions, simply make a mental commitment to make your next conversation with friends a good one. “Be vulnerable, be candid, be open with them – especially if you’re not coping,” says Leaver.

“It’s a truly strange time at the moment; good friends will completely understand and give you space where you need it.”

And, as for me and my video call invitations, I’m aiming to be a bit more spontaneous. Instead of agreeing to invites a week in advance, I’m planning to take each day as it comes and reach out to a pal in the moment if I fancy a chat. The situation is changing so rapidly, it’s hard to know where we’ll be or how we’ll feel in six days time, let alone if we’ll have the emotional capacity to Zoom.

Life is limited so much already – and I’ve realised for me, a flexible diary is a must.

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