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Coronavirus Death Toll in England, Wales and Scotland Rises By 432 To 5,366

By Sarah Turnnidge

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A further 432 deaths from coronavirus have been recorded in England, Scotland and Wales over 24 hours, public health chiefs have confirmed.

The increase consists of 403 in England, consisting of patients aged between 35 and 106 years old.

Fifteen of the patients in England, aged between 52 and 94, had no underlying health conditions, the NHS said. London saw the highest number of deaths, with 129 people dying in 24 hours, followed by the Midlands, which reported 75 deaths, and the combined north east and Yorkshire region, which reported 67 deaths.

Meanwhile, there were two deaths in Scotland and 27 in Wales. Northern Ireland has yet to report its most recent figures.

UK-wide figures from the Department of Health and Social Care are yet to be published, so the data are taken from each nation’s individual reporting.

It brings the total for the three countries, minus Northern Ireland, to 5,366.

However, the government tally has never accurately matched the individual totals reported by the four nations.

Last week, the Office for National statistics revealed the virus had accounted for 1% of all deaths in England and Wales in the week ending March 20 – 103 cases in total. The up to date figure is likely to be substantially higher with the Covid-19 death rate now several times that number.

Those figures, unlike the daily data from the Department of Health and Social Care, included people dying outside of hospitals whose death certificates mentioned Covid-19, including in combination with other health conditions. The DHSC only records people dying in hospital after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

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