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5 Instagram Cat Accounts To Follow If You're Feeling Out Of It

By Rohini Chatterji

Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s been a tough couple of weeks, even for those of us who have the privilege of a roof over our heads and the comfort of working from home. At a time when the world is going through a tough time, it is difficult to cope.

The stress of working from home, household chores and just the fact that a virus is looming over us may be stressing us out in ways we haven’t felt before. And if you find yourself listlessly scrolling through your phone, you might as well scroll through accounts that spark joy in your life.

If internet algorithms are anything to go buy, apparently nothing sparks more joy in us hoomans than cats. The feline creatures — regal, funny and sometimes even weird — have captured our collective consciousness, and social media is full of popular cat accounts. Even if you don’t have them as pets, who doesn’t like watching videos of them or just photos of them lying balled up or even stealing food?

So we scrolled through Instagram to find you some cat accounts that can perhaps bring a smile when you feel exceptionally low.

1. Cats Doing Things

As we know, if they are not napping, cats have extremely busy schedules — they need to sit in boxes, sun bathe on rooftops, get into extremely precarious situations. Sometimes it’s just a kitty trying to catch hold of her own leg.