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19 Tweets That Hilariously Nail Social Distancing For An Introvert

By Sarah Bourassa

If you’re an introvert, you value your alone time. You tend to think before you speak. You’d much rather socialise one-on-one than in a group. A phone call is probably your worst nightmare. But most of all, you are silently strong.

It can be tough to prefer being alone in a world that values sociability. But take heart, quiet types: Twitter has your back. Each month, we round up spot-on tweets that capture what it’s like to be an introvert. Scroll down for our latest batch.


Introverts are desperate for social distancing to end so everyone they live with will leave the house.#introverts#SocialDistancing#Quarantine#SundayFunday

— Jenn Granneman (@JennGranneman) March 29, 2020


oh nowwww everyone wanna know what introverts do for fun

— Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) March 13, 2020


Social distancing level: EXPERT #introvert#coronapic.twitter.com/TeIM5oB0xL

— Marzi (@IntrovertDoodle) March 14, 2020


All the health experts are saying #StayHome. Okay… where were you guys when I was disappointing my friends and family by doing that for years?

— Introvert Life (@IntrovertLiving) March 16, 2020


‘social distancing’ please i’ve been training for a pandemic my entire life introverts rise up we’re finally valid

— Daniel Howell (@danielhowell) March 11, 2020


Introverts barely got a day or two of solitude before the extroverts came banging on the virtual door with Zoom calls and Google Hangouts. ?

— Chris Enns (@iChris) March 20, 2020


Check on those of us who are introverts but married to extroverts who now have to stay in the house. We are not okay. ?

— Luvvie is currently writing book 2 (@Luvvie) March 14, 2020


s/o to all the genuine introverts who still aren’t showing up even when all the social engagements have moved online

— Bree Newsome Bass (@BreeNewsome) March 25, 2020


Hey introverts…..this is our time. I’m on day 7 of only leaving my house to go to 7/11 once and I’m def not even close to peak boredom

— shelley rome (@Shelley_Rome) March 29, 2020


Hardest introvert thing right now is extracting yourself from lengthy Zooms when your friends know you have nowhere else to be ?

— Brit Bennett (@britrbennett) March 28, 2020


When all of this is over, please continue to stay 6 feet away from me.#introvertproblems#SocialDistancing

— Introvert, Dear (@IntrovertDear) March 20, 2020


any other introverts now have the sudden urge to leave their house because now we’re not supposed to leave our house? lol

— stay home (@ThomasBeautyy) March 17, 2020


Riddle me this, how am I in isolation and tired of people? #introvertproblems

— Chiara Snowdancer (@ChiaraYoung2) March 31, 2020


Really need this time of social distancing to prepare for all the “we should get together once this is all over” plans I’ve agreed to. #introvertproblems

— sarah (@SillySarah_Karp) March 28, 2020


Introverted Me: Stay inside for 2 week? No problem. I love quiet & solitude

Extroverted Husband: Hey! Hey! Talk to me. Watch this video. What are you doing? Can I do it too? Where are you going? I’m here! Let’s do stuff!#marriedlife#introvertproblems#introvert

— Michelle Keener (@MKeenerWrites) March 17, 2020


All the introverts are all celebrating as cabin fever starts to set in for all the extroverts… ?

— Sugar Jones ? (@SugarJones) March 16, 2020


Introverts: flattening the curve since forever#introvert#CoronavirusPandemic#COVID#ThursdayThoughts

— Jenn Granneman (@JennGranneman) March 26, 2020


Every Zoom meeting is just an escape room for introverts.

— Sammy Rhodes (@sammyrhodes) March 28, 2020


People think introverts are having it easy because they don’t go out. We do. We go out alone. And we miss it.

— Dragon Mami (@muslamicchai) March 29, 2020

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