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Dynamo Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Showing 'Quite Severe Symptoms'

By Daniel Welsh

In 2018, Dynamo suffered side effects after receiving treatment for food poisoning, including facial swelling, a severe rash and arthritis.

After sharing a candid video of himself describing his side effects, he later said: “It’s good that’s it’s been able to inspire other people with similar conditions to speak out about it and get more attention to it.

“I personally have never let it make me feel ashamed to talk about it, it’s just life, it’s life for a lot more people than we think so it’s really good that it’s inspired people to share their stories and hopefully it helps them with their confidence to just feel comfortable within themselves.”

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/dynamo-coronavirus-covid-19-instagram_uk_5e86097bc5b6927805092787