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Victor's secret: male lingerie is coming to a bloke near you

By Priya Elan

Could frilly satin and lace underwear, along with form-fitting ‘shapewear’, really replace the traditional vest and Y-fronts?

Decades ago, Prince sported high-cut, leather-look women’s briefs on stage, and Rod Stewart borrowed satin knickers from his then girlfriend, Britt Ekland, to wear under tight trousers while performing. Now, ranges of male lingerie are being launched for the man on the street to buy – raising the question: will it catch on?

One man thinks so. Jules Parker, 54, is a full-time metalworker who has set up Moot Lingerie, which combines traditional male underwear shapes with non-traditional lingerie flourishes and fabrics.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/mar/28/victors-secret-male-lingerie-is-coming-to-a-bloke-near-you