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Making the Cut review – a fashion show that's already out of style

By Rebecca Nicholson

We’re desperate for escapism and fantasy right now – unfortunately, Amazon’s brutish, commercially driven reality show provides neither

“You are free to go on to the streets of Paris as you please,” says Tim Gunn, the former Project Runway host who joins his fellow defector Heidi Klum to front the new fashion competition Making the Cut. Ah. Well. About that …

Making the Cut is up against it on a number of fronts, not just because it is a reality show with obscenely deep pockets that is dedicated to luxury and consumption and has arrived in the middle of a global firestorm that makes all of that look less palatable than it might have four months ago. There is also the matter of the competition to the competition. Netflix’s Next in Fashion, which arrived earlier this year, had a more suitable warm-and-winning approach to its trade, and it makes this look brutish by comparison.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/mar/27/making-the-cut-review-a-fashion-show-thats-already-out-of-style