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In a previous update, Sam urged people to take the pandemic more seriously, insisting: “I can’t stress enough that this is not ‘just a flu bug’. I’ve watched this take my girl to death’s door. I’ve felt it take me there.

“It’s a cruel, vile, remorseless, relentless, dark sickness. It was like three hands. One that’s strangling you. One pushing your face down as it does. The other one ripping your heart out of your chest and it just doesn’t stop… for days. You’re totally helpless and in its grasp.

“It’s nothing like flu. Please stop going out. Passing this around will mean it just takes longer till we’re back to normal. Please stay safe people. Two weeks away from anyone else outside your family should see this gone. It’s that simple. Please stay in.”


Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/linda-lusardi-coronavirus-husband-update_uk_5e7db4c3c5b6614922652273