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Is It Possible That You Had The Coronavirus Earlier This Year?

By Lindsay Holmes

Since you can’t determine if you unknowingly had and recovered from Covid-19, you should continue to act like you are susceptible or could be a carrier who may pass it to someone else. That means you must practice strict social distancing, limiting your exposure to others as much as you possibly can.

“This is phenomenally important for a disease like Covid-19, in which there is no natural immunity in the population and for which no vaccine exists,” Kirsten Hokeness, chair of the department of science and technology at Rhode Island’s Bryant University and an expert in immunology, virology, microbiology, and human health and disease, previously told HuffPost.

“This means that the only way for the virus to leave the population, in a sense, is to either infect everyone or [for us to] limit the ability of the virus to spread from person to person,” Hokeness said.

And if you’ve had the symptoms of Covid-19 recently, it’s especially important to isolate yourself. It’s believed that you’re contagious long after you stopped feeling sick.

The more we all behave like we’re carriers of the virus ― regardless of whether we’re currently experiencing symptoms, feel nothing or think we had it in the past ― the more impact we can have on slowing the spread.

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