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Woody Allen Accuses Timothée Chalamet Of 'Denouncing' Him To Improve His Chances Of Winning An Oscar

By Daniel Welsh

A post shared by Timothée Chalamet (@tchalamet) on Jan 15, 2018 at 8:51pm PST

In his recently-released memoir, Allen responds to the young actor’s statement for the first time, suggesting he only “denounced” him because he was up for an Oscar at that time.

Timothee afterward publicly stated he regretted working with me and was giving the money to charity, but he swore to my sister he needed to do that as he was up for an Oscar for Call Me By Your Name, and he and his agent felt he had a better chance of winning if he denounced me, so he did,” Allen wrote.

It should be noted that Timothée’s statement came out exactly a week before he was nominated for the Oscar for his performance for Call Me By Your Name, meaning he was not aware that he was up for the Academy Award at the time he spoke out against Allen.

HuffPost UK has contacted Timothée Chalamet’s publicist and is awaiting a response.

Woody Allen has always maintained his innocence in light of repeated accusations from Dylan Farrow that he molested her when she was a child.

In 1992, he was investigated over a claim that he had sexually assaulted her at the family’s Connecticut home, though prosecutors did not charge him over the allegations, which he claims had been fabricated by his former partner Mia Farrow.

Last year, Allen ended a legal battle with Amazon, after they shelved A Rainy Day In New York in the wake of the Me Too movement.

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