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Melanie C: 'I spent a few years trying not to be Sporty Spice'

By Melanie C, as told to Leah Harper

The pop star on her years as a raver, her punk rebellion – and her daughter’s fondness for athleisure

Sportswear has become such a big thing in the past few years and, being Sporty Spice, I’ve really embraced that – but at the Brit awards this year I wanted to take it somewhere else.

This dress is from Fila’s spring/summer 2020 collection – it’s really grown up, beautiful, red-carpet chic, but with a bit of a sporty twist. You would never guess this dress was from a sportswear brand. You know when you put something on and it makes you feel … expensive? I looked in the mirror and I thought: ‘Wow!’

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/mar/24/melanie-c-i-spent-a-few-years-trying-not-to-be-sporty-spice