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Is it OK to shout at strangers who aren’t social distancing? Absolutely | Hadley Freeman

By Hadley Freeman

My favourite video right now shows a variety of Italian mayors telling off their citizens in no uncertain terms – and it is exactly the approach we need here

Is it acceptable to shout at people – not just friends and family, but also strangers – for not practising social distancing?
Martin, London

Status update on me: I am spending every day, all day, inside my home with three children under five and a deranged, underwalked terrier who barks incessantly at his own reflection in the window. Am I lucky? You bet: I have a home and, so far, everyone has their health. But does my life also resemble a Channel 5 reality TV show? Maybe just a touch.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/mar/23/is-it-ok-to-shout-at-strangers-who-arent-social-distancing-absolutely