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The best bargain vegan cleansers | Sali Hughes

By Sali Hughes

These are excellent balms that do a great job – and just happen to be vegan friendly

This was never meant to be a column about vegan cleansers. It was simply meant to be me sharing two excellent bargain cleansers I’d discovered, until I realised that they were both vegan-friendly. Which very much sums up how beauty seems to be drifting: fine ethics do not a product make, and it’s no longer enough to cater for vegans with whatever hemp oil you can get into a rustic brown bottle and charge over the odds.

Vegans are now such a huge mainstream group globally, demanding the same levels of performance and value as any other beauty fans, that many brands are simply weeding out often unnecessary animal ingredients and marketing the results more widely.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/mar/21/the-best-bargain-vegan-cleansers