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Shades of 50: how the midlife woman went from invisible to the main event

By Jess Cartner-Morley

From Jennifer Aniston to Robin Wright, the cultural underdog has been rebranded

At the end of the Versace show in Milan last September, Jennifer Lopez burst on to the catwalk in a blaze of glory. Chin proud, shoulders back, her vibe was somewhere between a bride making her church entrance and a cowboy kicking open the doors of a saloon bar. Split to the waist, the panels of her jungle-green dress floated on her slipstream as she sailed through the firefly cloud of camera phones. Her dress, with its navel-deep plunge, was That Dress – the one she had worn to the Grammys two decades earlier, the one that famously inspired the creation of Google Images. A pop culture goddess was reincarnated, shortly after her 50th birthday, and I whooped and clapped and joined in the confetti shower of fire emoji and heart-eyes raining down around me.

I am four years younger than Lopez. I harbour no catwalk ambitions whatsoever – the thought of that is making me chuckle gently to myself in my low-key, middle-aged way as I write – but I felt something joyous in Lopez owning that runway. Along with every other forty- or fiftysomething woman watching, in the room or on Instagram, it felt that I was in some way cheering for my team.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/mar/21/shades-of-50-how-the-midlife-woman-went-from-invisible-to-the-main-event