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In Parenting – And Everything Else – Now Is The Time For Grace

By Kate Auletta

Last week, back when self-distancing and self-isolating were beginning to become the norm, a friend of mine commented on an Instagram post of mine calling all parents “non-consensual home school teachers.” At the time it was funny, and it was easy to see the humour in the idea of being a home-school teacher because we all hadn’t yet become home-school teachers to our kids.

And then shit got real.

Fast forward a week, and here we are: if you’re being responsible, you’re self-isolating or at the very least self-distancing with your family. Hundreds of millions of kids around the world are out of school. If they’re privileged enough and able, parents are working from home. My kids’ schoolrooms are now in our dining room while my office is my kitchen. It’s hardly perfect.

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