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Donald Trump’s ‘Chinese Virus’ Coronavirus Tweet Has Me Scared For My Family

By Louise Gleeson

Just before I climbed back into the car, after dropping bags of groceries at my parents’ door and firmly declining an offer to come inside for a cup of tea, my mom stepped outside to wave goodbye to me. My dad stayed behind the door watching us through its window. I grabbed my phone and asked her to pose for a snapshot to send my sister an update about our successful social distancing in the face of
Coronavirus Panic Is Even More Real When You Have Hypochondria

  • Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus Is Proving Harder For Disabled People Like Me

  • While The UK Works From Home, Teachers Like Me Are Being Left In Coronavirus Limbo
  • Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/donald-trump-china-virus_uk_5e74e41cc5b6f5b7c54306c6