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This Is The List Of Places Including Pubs And Massage Parlours That Boris Johnson Has Ordered To Close

By Ned Simons

Updated: See the latest stories on the coronavirus outbreak.

Boris Johnson ordered pubs and restaurants across the country to close, as the government escalated measures to fight coronavirus.

It came as the chancellor Rishi Sunak announced unprecedented measures to cover the wages of workers who would otherwise lose their jobs due to the outbreak.

This is the list of places the government has told to shut:

  • Food and drink venues for consumption on-site, such as restaurants and cafes.

  • Drinking establishments, including pubs, bars, nightclubs.

  • Entertainment venues, including cinemas, theatres, concert halls, and bingo halls.

  • Museums and galleries.

  • Spas, wellness centres and massage parlours.

  • Casinos and betting shops.

  • All indoor leisure and sports facilities, including gyms.

At his daily Downing Street press conference on Friday, the prime minister said the measures were needed to reduce “unnecessary” social gatherings by 75% in order to have an impact on the infection rate.

“The speed of our eventual recovery depends entirely on our collective ability to get on top of the virus now and that means we have to take the next steps on scientific advice,” he said.

“And following our plan we are strengthening the measures announced on Monday.

“We need now to push down further on that curve of transmission between us.”

He was followed by Sunak who said he was establishing a coronavirus job protection scheme to help employers hit by the outbreak.

He said that they would be able to apply to HM Revenue and Customs to cover 80% of the wages of staff they keep on up to £2,500 a month.

Mr Sunak said “our planned economic response will be one of the most comprehensive in the world”.

He added: “To all those at home, right now anxious about the days ahead, I say you will not face this alone.”

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