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Self-isolating stars share washing and workout tips to stay in spotlight

By Ellie Violet Bramley

From Gloria Gaynor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, celebrities help to stave off boredom

Variations on the adage that celebrities are just like us but with better hair, teeth and diets have been put to the test this week as a number of actors, singers and reality stars have made their way onto social media with content inspired by their time in quarantine. They have ranged from public-broadcast-style announcements from Arnold Schwarzenegger to unusual beauty tips from January Jones and digital singalongs with Gal Gadot and friends.

Some celebrities’ content has been altruistic and, from a public health perspective at least, helpful, focusing on practical guidelines. Gloria Gaynor, for instance, posted to TikTok a video of herself lip-synching to I Will Survive while lathering up .

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/20/self-isolating-stars-share-washing-and-workout-tips-to-stay-in-spotlight