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Netflix Urged To Stop Streaming In High Definition Amid Increased Demand On Internet

By Ash Percival

Meanwhile, online gaming services have reported short-term outages, amid increased demand.

According to the Guardian, Nintendo Online – used for multiplayer games on the Switch console – was down for almost nine hours on Tuesday.

Xbox Live, the online service for the console, has also suffered short-term outages, with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, confirming that “usage is up on almost everything”.

He added: “It’s heartening to hear from so many people using gaming as a way to stay connected during these times. Play is a fundamental human need. Proud to be part of an industry that can offer escape and fun right now.”

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/netflix-streaming-coronavirus-high-definition_uk_5e735c12c5b63c3b648b376c