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How Covid-19 Is Driving Sex Workers Like Me Into Crisis

By Molly Simmons

As soon as my alarm clock rings, I roll over to check the notifications on my phone. Two new emails. Amazing. I open the mail app, hoping for a new client inquiry. It’s been too slow ― the dead space of tax season has extended into March and I’m down to my last $200, needing a client to come in fast. I open the first email.

Hi, my name is Jeff and I’m an experienced web developer looking to help you with –

Delete delete delete.

I open the second email.

hey 🙂

A huge sigh. This has been the theme for going on three months now, with no foreseeable end in sight. Every day the Dow drops more and for workers in New York, that’s a pretty big fucking deal. Coupled with the growing concerns of contracting covid-19, the client base for workers like myself is shrinking to almost nothing. I text my dancer friends only to hear the same ― the clubs are empty.

I already know this email won’t lead to anything but I respond to it anyway, unable to turn down even the slightest possible chance of work. Unless you’re lucky enough to have some healthy and generous regulars, the types of clients coming in now are the kind you wished you didn’t have to take.

For eight years I’ve been in the industry as a full-service sex worker, and you get used to the ebbs and flows of the business. There are always times when work is scarce and you have to scrimp until the busy season returns. With the rise of covid-19, however, we’re being pushed into a state of scarcity that goes far beyond the usual slow season ― and for disease epicentres like Seattle and New York, it could potentially rival the
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