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Parents Keeping Kids Off School Amid Coronavirus: ‘Don’t Prosecute Us For Protecting Our Families'

By Aasma Day

asked its 2m members whether the government should temporarily close all schools to cope with the outbreak. More than three quarters, 77%, said yes.

Parents are scared and just want to keep their children close to them because they then feel they have control.”Emma Bradley, Childcare’s parenting expert,

Emma Bradley, Childcare’s parenting expert, says – as a mother of three – she understands the conflicting emotions other parents are experiencing.

She told HuffPost UK: “Parents are scared and just want to keep their children close to them because they then feel they have control.

“Their overwhelming feeling is of nurturing and that biological need to protect by hunkering down and all sticking together.

“Parents have that urge that by having their children with them and within their sight, they are keeping them safe.

“It is all fed by fear. People don’t know what is coming and are getting so many mixed messages, and social media is just full of conflicting information. So people just want to hide away with their loved ones.”

Emma admitted she would rather her 20-year-old daughter came home from university. But she’s continuing to send her 16-year-old and 10-year-old to school, and says children are safe where they are even though she anticipates there will be a shutdown of schools soon.

“I think at the moment we are underestimating how hard it is going to be to keep our children at home when schools do close.

“It’s not going to be for just a week or so. Children will get bored and restless.

“I don’t think we are there yet with needing to close schools, but I do understand why some parents are feeling they don’t want to send their children to school and I would not judge anyone for that.

“There is no right or wrong at this time and people have to do what is right for them.”

Emma added she believed schools and local authorities would be understanding given the current climate and wouldn’t prosecute parents for keeping kids off school.

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/coronavirus-kids-off-school-protecting-families_uk_5e6faaecc5b60fb69ddb7bcf