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The Coronavirus Outbreak Means These Tourist Spots Are Eerily Quiet

By Sarah Turnnidge

Updated: See the latest stories on the coronavirus outbreak.

As coronavirus spreads, and the global response rapidly intensifies, some of the world’s most famous tourist destinations have been left eerily empty.

Trafalgar Square has been left noticeably quiet as the UK government stepped up its response to the 'delay' phase.

From Indonesia to the US, we’re used to seeing popular attractions overwhelmed with visitors. But with a number of countries introducing social-distancing measures – or even total lockdowns – many of these iconic sights are near-deserted.

Tourists and police officers by the usually-crowded Trevi Fountain in Rome.

More than 132,000 people have now been infected with Covid-19, and almost 5,000 have died worldwide.

A vendor waits for customers at an empty tourist area, due to fear of the coronavirus in Phuket, Thailand.

As the numbers increase, governments such as the US have introduced travel bans from other affected regions, and airlines worldwide have severely restricted their operations as the demand for global travel plummets.

Empty chairs are seen on a beach which is usually full of tourists, amid fear of coronavirus in Phuket.

Ireland announced on Thursday that, alongside its schools and colleges, all cultural institutions would be closed to the public, while in Nepal authorities have barred entry to Mount Everest ahead of the popular climbing season.

Foreign tourists wear protective masks and walk on the empty The Huc bridge on Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Sporting events such as Formula One, Six Nations, Premier League, Grand Tour cycling, and the US Masters – all of which are responsible for bringing tourists to destinations across the world – have also been cancelled.

A man in a protective mask walks past the entrance to the Book of Kells building, usually crowded with tourists,  following the announcement that Trinity College will close many tourist attractions within the college in Dublin.

The UK on Friday saw its biggest increase since the outbreak began, with the number of cases jumping by 208 – 35% up on the equivalent figure for Thursday.

There are now 798 confirmed cases nationwide.

It is the first time the day-on-day increase has been higher than 200.

A nearly empty 7th Avenue in Times Square is seen at rush hour after it was announced that Broadway shows will cancel performances.

One week ago, on March 6, the total number of cases stood at 163. Today’s total is almost five times greater than that figure.

A deserted St Mark's Square is pictured in Venice on March 12, 2020, after the lockdown decided by premier Giuseppe Conte all around ItalyThe usually crowded pathways of the front lawns of Humayuns Tomb seen deserted owing to people keeping away amid the coronavirus outbreak

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