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If You're An Introvert, These 17 Tweets Will Speak Your Mind

By Sarah Bourassa

If you’re an introvert, you value your alone time. You tend to think before you speak. You’d much rather socialise one-on-one than in a group. A phone call is probably your worst nightmare. But most of all, you are silently strong.

It can be tough to prefer being alone in a world that values sociability. But take heart, quiet types: Twitter has your back. Each month, we round up spot-on tweets that capture what it’s like to be an introvert.

Scroll down for our latest batch.


CDC: To prevent coronavirus stay home, avoid physical contact and don’t go into large crowds.

Introverts: I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life.

— Matthew (@CrowsFault) February 28, 2020


“Are you free tomorrow?”

That entirely depends on the rest of the information you’re about to give me. #introvertproblems

— Introvert, Dear (@IntrovertDear) February 28, 2020


A lot of my life as an introvert is saying something out loud & nobody hearing it, & then deciding whether to say it again louder & brighter

— Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) February 11, 2020


Looking forward to it.

Books – https://t.co/OeNAnhakVM#introvert#weekend#selfcarepic.twitter.com/yCkRsVmFrU

— Debbie Tung (@WheresMyBubble) January 31, 2020


Being an introvert allows me to care about humanity and despise human beings, simultaneously.

— Shower Thoughts (@TheWeirdWorld) February 13, 2020


I’m losing my voice.
Nobody at work noticed.#IntrovertProblems

— Retró Ⓥ (@EcoGof) March 3, 2020


I’m that weird person that genuinely enjoys when you invite people over and they show up late bc that means more alone time #introvertproblems

— SavvyAsF(ried) (@SavvyAsF) March 1, 2020


Me: I see the phone ringing.
《Missed call》
The same person sends me a text.
I text right away…#introvertproblems#HSP

— Tania Lopez-Cepero (@tanialopezceper) March 3, 2020


If you’re an #introvert, you know the glorious relief of canceled plans.

— Introvert, Dear (@IntrovertDear) February 15, 2020


When people speak more words in 20 minutes than I speak in a day I get really uncomfortable #introvertproblems

— Ethan Eburwell (@Eburwell92) February 29, 2020


Sometimes when I enter an elevator and no one else is in there with me, I quickly push the “close door” button as to avoid anyone else coming in and trying to talk to me. #introvertproblems

— Cifiriv (@Virific) February 29, 2020


I love it when the plans are mutually cancelled without verbal communication.

— chosen one (@supremeyoms) March 2, 2020


Me: Ha, ha! Finally I, as an introvert, am able to work from home and not talk to people on a daily basis!
Siri: I didn’t quite catch that, Rick.
Alexa: Would you like to re-order Tide Pods on a daily basis?
Me: ….

— Rick Riordan (@camphalfblood) February 6, 2020


How do introverts flirt?

“Eye contact.”

— Joyce (@Joycemlcy) March 5, 2020


I have the opposite of FOMO #introvertproblems

— Shiela (@ohoh_ShielaMo) March 1, 2020


Me: Wow I’m so lonely.

Also me when a friend texts last-minute to hang out: Wow I love staying home alone.#introvertlife

— Jenn Granneman (@JennGranneman) February 29, 2020


This kid is going places#introvert#introvertlife#introvertproblemspic.twitter.com/ZKuj6oF0mm

— Introverted Me (@KevinMartz97) March 1, 2020

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