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Budget 2020: The Magic Money Tree Has Left Women Out Again

By Dr Mary-Ann Stephenson

The new chancellor has found the magic money tree.

Not only did Rishi Sunak promise £600bn investment over the parliament to invest in infrastructure but the budget also started with a programme of emergency spending to address the economic impact of Covid-19 and a promise that the NHS could have “whatever it needs” to deal with the virus.

But the billions for infrastructure and the response to the coronavirus ignored the fundamental question of how women and the unpaid care they provide underpin the economy. Although the budget marked a major change of direction for a government that has spent 10 years telling us we need to cut spending, for women it felt very much like more of the same.

The budget’s infrastructure investment was concentrated on physical infrastructure, (roads, rail, construction). There was no recognition that the economy and society also rely on social infrastructure: public services such as health, education and care. And these are services women also rely on — as
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