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Would you wear clothes made from rubbish?

By Chekii Harling

Goodbye mainstream fashion and hello menswear made of table linen, the founder of new publication TRASHmag thinks the future of style lies in the bin

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What will the fashion industry look like in a decade? If I had my way, it would have reinvented its approach to ‘waste’, mass-produced fashion would no longer exist and we would value clothes for how they are made, not by whom. I believe this is possible: last year, I launched TRASHMag – a magazine focusing on designers and artists producing ethical work. The nine young innovators here are part of that cohort. From the milliner growing plant-based biomaterials to the designer collaging old trainers, their ideas are blueprints for a fashion future that doesn’t cost the earth.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/feb/14/would-you-wear-clothes-made-from-rubbish