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Why can’t women get a cheap cut at the barber?

By Sirin Kale A female customer who went into a barber was told she would ‘put men off’. But why is the price between hairdressers and barbers so vast?

As Silvio Dante says in The Sopranos, two industries have always been recession-proof: show business and the mob. To which I will add a third: haircuts. They’re a racket. Hair will always grow, and it will always need to be cut.

I know hairdressing is competitive, hairdressers are skilled professionals and running a salon is expensive. To which I would reply, fine – but then how are barbers making money?

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2020/jan/15/why-cant-women-get-a-cheap-cut-at-the-barber