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Face time: will the new makeup for men hide my blotches – or create new anxieties?

By Sam Wollaston

More men than ever are embracing grooming, and now there’s a whole makeup line just for us. But shouldn’t we just learn to love our hard-earned eye bags?

It has been a while since I wore makeup. A bit of eyeliner and mascara in the 80s, not a lot since. Now, at 54, the cracks, bags and blotches are taking over; a new pop-up makeup counter for men could be what I need. It has popped up at John Lewis’s Oxford Street store in London, which is safe and reliable, right? And the British brand doing it is called War Paint for Men. Yeah, I’m not just beautifying myself, I’m a warrior!

The War Paint founder Danny Gray, 34 (looks younger), will be doing my makeup today, quite publicly, in the menswear department on the ground floor. Since being bullied for his sticky-out ears at school, Gray has experienced body dysmorphia. When, as a teenager, he started getting spots, his sister offered to help conceal them.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2020/jan/14/face-time-will-the-new-makeup-for-men-hide-my-blotches-or-create-new-anxieties