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Boundary-breaking model Mama Cax dies at 30

By Adrian Horton

A cancer survivor and vocal advocate for inclusivity in the fashion industry, the model died after a weeklong illness

Mama Cax, a boundary-breaking model, activist and advocate for the fashion industry’s inclusion of differently abled models and people of color, has died of complications from a weeklong illness, her family announced on Friday, via social media. She was 30.

The Haitian American model, born Cacsmy Brutus, had been open about health struggles in recent weeks, on Instagram, after she discovered blood clots in her leg, thigh, abdomen and near a filter in her lungs (placed there for cancer treatment in her teens) while in London for a photoshoot. According to the family’s Instagram post, she fought her illness for a week in the hospital with “the same grit” with which she fought cancer, but died on 16 December.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/dec/20/boundary-breaking-model-mama-cax-dies-at-30