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Scientists Have A Saucy Theory For Why These 20-Year-Old MRI Sex Scans Were So Popular

By Rachel Moss

In two decades, few studies have sparked public interest in science as much as the one that took MRI scans of couples having
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“If that’s the explanation, it’s hard to think ourselves back to such an innocent age, given today’s explicit online offerings,” he writes.

Some hospital staff were apparently “reluctant” to be part of the research, while participants also experienced “some problems with sexual performance”.

However, the original study notes that eventually, all parties got on board, adding: “We thank our volunteers for their cooperation, laughter, and permission to publish intimate MR images of them [and] those hospital officials on duty who had the intellectual courage to allow us to continue this search, despite obtrusive and sniffing press hounds.”

We’d also like to salute the legendary pioneers.

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/its-been-20-years-since-these-mri-sex-scans-and-were-still-obsessed_uk_5dfa0e90e4b0d6c84b764572