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Protesters Across US Demand Trump's Removal Ahead Of Impeachment Vote

By Sanjana Karanth

Hundreds of protests took place across the US on Tuesday evening to demand Donald Trump‘s removal from office ahead of Wednesday’s historic impeachment vote.

The “Not Above the Law” demonstrations were organised by a coalition of progressive groups including Indivisible, Greenpeace, Stand Up America and Public Citizen.

“Tonight, before the House of Representatives takes a historic vote to impeach Trump, we’ll head to more than 600 congressional offices and public squares to declare that Nobody Is Above the Law as representatives finali[s]e their positions and senators look on,” another group, MoveOn, wrote on its website.

Live from NYC: Rally to Impeach and Remove Trump #NotAboveTheLawhttps://t.co/DPxh4kFdjz

— MoveOn (@MoveOn) December 17, 2019

The rallies came on the eve of the full House of Representatives voting on two articles of impeachment against Trump, charging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Almost every Democrat in the chamber they control plans to vote in favour of impeaching Trump, likely making him the third president in US history to carry the “impeached” label after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

The abuse of power charge relates to Trump’s attempt to pressure Ukraine to investigate one of his 2020 political rivals, former vice president Joe Biden, and Biden’s son Hunter in exchange for the release of congressionally approved military aid. The obstruction of Congress charge relates to Trump’s repeated efforts to block lawmakers from gathering witness testimony and obtaining documents relevant to the impeachment inquiry.

If the House successfully impeaches Trump on Wednesday, the process moves to the Senate for a trial. It would take 67 of the 100 senators in the GOP-controlled chamber to convict Trump of the charges, with a trial expected to take place in the beginning of 2020. No president has ever been convicted by the Senate and removed from office.

Tuesday’s protests were held in all 50 states, from Rockland, Maine, to Houston to Anchorage, Alaska. Demonstrators tweeted photos and videos from rallies across the country, attaching hashtags like #ImpeachmentEve and #NotAboveTheLaw.

West Hollywood appears to be pro impeachment. #ImpeachmentEvepic.twitter.com/silCpCDWcj

— Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08) December 18, 2019

It was chilly but cheerful in Toledo on #ImpeachmentEve . Lots of “honks for impeachment” to warm our hearts and show that our fellow Ohioans support the Constitution and Rule of Law.#NoOneIsAboveTheLaw#DemCastOH#DemCastpic.twitter.com/uKNwju7t93

— Dr K #DemCast (@DocKimResists) December 18, 2019

Johnson County, KS, ready for the Senate trial. Outside ⁦@SenPatRoberts⁩’ office on #ImpeachmentEve.

Your constituents have a message for you, Senator:

“Senator Roberts’ duty is to sit as an impartial juror and listen to the evidence…”

“Impeach,” they shout. pic.twitter.com/C54Ld3xwnR

— Pam Smith (@KCMktgChick) December 18, 2019

Downtown Denver on #ImpeachmentEvepic.twitter.com/NmexuYSfMI

— Lisa Townley (@lltownley) December 18, 2019

The temperature is below freezing but hundreds of people in Salt Lake City are rallying for the rule of law and democracy. We demand Congress does its job and #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW#ImpeachmentEvepic.twitter.com/gpMfiFDbKS

— Travis McKnight (@Khellendos) December 18, 2019

From New York to Ohio to Texas to Iowa to Vermont to North Dakota…

THIS is what a movement looks like. #ImpeachmentEvepic.twitter.com/zG1CerWmsj

— Josy Jablons (@josytheriveter) December 18, 2019

Republicans for #impeachment and #removal are making their voices heard on this #ImpeachmentEve ??@marcorubio@SenRickScott this is your district. pic.twitter.com/PNBTuViaMN

— maria (@logicBFF) December 17, 2019

Pics from Nebraska. In case you don’t know, Trump is -6 approval here now. #ImpeachAndRemove#NotAboveTheLaw@MoveOnpic.twitter.com/KfVFh4OsaB

— Jane Fleming Kleeb (@janekleeb) December 17, 2019

Take to the streets! ✊ @Alyssa_Milano addresses the crowd at tonight’s Impeachment Rally in Downtown Los Angeles ahead of tomorrow’s House vote to impeach Donald Trump from office. #ImpeachmentEve

Watch her full speech now on our IGTV: https://t.co/calG15Oq4npic.twitter.com/i1lzEmeo9h

— World of Wonder (@WorldOfWonder) December 18, 2019

Chicago showed up, 2,000 strong. And that’s just one rally, downtown. Many more all over the suburbs. There’s no glee in this, just a commitment to stand up for the rule of Law. #ImpeachmentEve#ImpeachAndRemovepic.twitter.com/5OjDKGdfv4

— Marj Halperin (@marjhalperin) December 18, 2019

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/donald-trump-impeachment-vote-protests_uk_5df9f8d6e4b08083dc5bd926