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Why Dominic Cummings is the PM's ‘sleb-rity’ heir apparent

By Priya Elan

They’re not the sort of clothes you wear to meet your boss – unless your boss is Boris Johnson. You almost have to applaud the PM’s adviser’s messy aplomb

Boris Johnson’s victory last week meant the ascension of not only the Tories but also his “wild man of Westminster” look. With his unkempt and just-fell-out-of-bed-into-some-clothes-at-4am vibe, Johnson was once famously seen in Hawaiian running shorts with a skull logo beanie (and not as part of a sponsored charity run). His sartorial heir apparent is Dominic Cummings: a fan of gilets and totes. On Monday, Cummings reached Johnson-like levels of zany with the outfit he wore to Downing Street: a £195 khaki-green Finisterre Nebulas puffer jacket over a V-neck green jumper worn with a striped Royal Speyside cashmere scarf and a grey woolly hat.

It was the details of his outfit that were gripping: shirt untucked and spilling out of his trousers, the rim of his beanie flipped in an awkward zigzag formation and the scarf resting limply on his shoulders. It screamed “Vitamin D deficient”, “Tech bro adjacent” and “Oh, it was wash day, so …” They’re not the sort of clothes you wear to meet your boss, unless of course your boss is Boris Johnson. Cummings’s look recalls a return of the “sleb-rity”, the male celebrity who dressed like a slob.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2019/dec/17/why-dominic-cummings-is-the-pms-sleb-rity-heir-apparent