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Suzi Quatro: ‘It was only when we got the pictures back that I realised it was a sexy outfit’

By As told to Leah Harper The rock legend on the look that defined her in the 70s – and is still going strong today

This is the look I wore when I was 23, when Can the Can [Quatro’s second solo single and her first to reach No 1 in the UK] was about to be released. I was doing my first big, serious photoshoot, so I had a meeting with [the record producer] Mickie Most, and he asked: “What would you like to wear?” I said leather because I was a big Elvis fan – and he was kind of against it. He said it was old-fashioned, but I insisted, so he asked: “What about a jumpsuit?”

I thought it was a really sensible, logical idea because I jump around a lot, and I knew it would help everything stay in one place. It was only we got the pictures back that I realised, in my naivety, that it was a sexy outfit. It hadn’t been my focus – I just wanted to wear leather – but I think that’s good. It was an innocent sex appeal.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/dec/17/suzi-quatro-it-was-only-when-we-got-the-pictures-back-that-i-realised-it-was-a-sexy-outfit